CARELESS DAD Crushes Thomas the Train in the Blender

Hugh loves to eat carrots. He also fed Thomas the Train carrots and vegetables. Eating vegetables is healthy and Thomas the Train knew it.

After feeding Thomas the Train vegetables, Hugh tucked Thomas the Train to sleep. Thomas the Train slept soundly under his vegetable blanket.

Dad loves to juice. He brought a bowl of vegetables to juice. Guess what is in the bowl with the vegetables? It was Thomas the Train! Oh No! Accidents Happened!

Dad turned on the blender and Thomas the Train was crushed. Dad was able to stop the blender before Thomas the Train was badly injured.

Careless Dad went to the hospital with Thomas the TRain.

Please NOTE: Do not try this at home.
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We love nursery songs and nursery rhymes. Our children learn good English from watching nursery songs and nursery rhymes.

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