Police Spiderman Put Rapunzel and Chase in Jail! w/ Peppa Pig, SpongeBob & Joker in Real Life

Police Spiderman Put Rapunzel and Chase in Jail! w/ Peppa Pig, SpongeBob & Joker in Real Life

Princess Rapunzel and Paw Patrol Chase are beating Spongebob up and stealing his valuables. Officer Spiderman is on patrol and rushes over to help, but the thieves escape before he can arrive. Meanwhile, Chase and Rapunzel see Peppa Pig and hide behind the tree as she approaches. Once close enough, they stop Peppa and assault her before taking her lollipop and running away. As Spiderman arrives, Rapunzel and Chase are close by and arrested. Peppa watches as the real villains walk free once Spiderman arrests the wrong people.

Peppa follows closely behind as fake Chase and fake Rapunzel return to their lair filled with treasures. A spider causes Peppa to scream and reveal her location to the two villains. As they tie her up and torture her, Peppa Pig screams loud enough for Officer Spiderman to learn her location. Spiderman attempts to rescue Peppa only to be taken hostage as well. Luckily, Peppa manages to break free and the villains try to make their escape.

Unfortunately, Venom and Joker bumps into Spongebob and the heroes beat them up once they trip and fall. Officer Spiderman then takes them both to jail, but not before releasing the real Chase and Rapunzel.
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